Bill Maher: ‘The reality show people are now the reality’

On this Friday’s Real Time opening monologue, host Bill Maher delved straight into the Omarosa storm that’s sweeping through the White House.

“Not such a good week for the president,” Maher started out. “He lost his one black friend.”

Maher was of course referring to Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has commandeered the headlines with her secret recordings taken during her time in the White House. As Maher pointed out, if you didn’t know who Omarosa was before, “now you’re fuck out of luck.”

Maher quipped that the Omarosa drama is so out of control, even Putin said “I can’t believe I have to collude with these people.”

The host said that he doesn’t care if Omarosa was one of Trump’s shadiest sidekicks. “She’s our asshole now,” he said.

“But really, this is where we are?” Maher asked incredulously. “…where the reality show people are the reality?”

Maher later recounted a section in Omarosa’s book where she claims First Lady Melania Trump is planning to divorce her husband and is “taking the kid.”

To which Trump said, “We have a kid?”

Watch the full segment below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

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Sky Palma

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