Bill Maher to GOP: ‘Face it — you’re gonna lose this election, so just punt’

This week’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher ended with the exuberant host prodding the Republican party to abandon hope for the 2016 presidential election and just “punt.”

“It’s like one of those houses where an old lady lived with 100 cats who peed everywhere. That’s your party today — a filthy, pee-stained house full of dead cats,” Maher said. “Do you really want to live there for the next four years? Do you really want to spend four years defending every single thing that President Trump tweets in the middle of the night?”

Maher’s mockery got pretty dark.

“Either Ted Cruz — a man with all the appeal of Jared from Subway, minus the inspiring weight-loss story — or Donald Trump, the zombie candidate,” he said.

Maher argued that the party should “punt” and instead vote for Hillary Clinton. “You’ve got a great defense,” he said. “By that I mean you’re great at being obstructionist assholes when you’re out of office.”

He then ran through the potential scenarios the GOP might have to deal with under a Trump/Cruz presidency, like, “putting Hulk Hogan on the nickel” or when he “re-tweets our nuclear codes.”

“I’m not sure I’m ‘ready for Hillary’ — but you? You’ve been getting ready for 25 years,” Maher declared.


Posted by Bill Maher on Friday, April 8, 2016

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