Bill Maher to Ralph Reed: ‘Why do evangelicals support the least Christian man ever?’

This past Friday, Real Time host Bill Maher sat down with former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed and asked him to explain why President Trump has such overwhelming support from evangelicals, considering the fact that Trump is more akin to Satan than Christ.

“Why do you think Trump’s support among the evangelicals is so solid?” Maher said. “Because he does seem like the least Christian man ever.”

Reed argued that Trump’s public persona doesn’t tell the whole story, saying that although he initially expected not to like Trump, he later found that his “word was his bond” as their relationship progressed.

“So what you’re saying is as long as he keeps his word to you, but lies to everybody else — because you can’t deny that he’s a giant liar,” Maher replied, adding, “Don’t you call Satan the ‘father of lies’? Isn’t that what he is? Isn’t that, like, a little name you have for him? So, Trump, giant liar. Satan, father of lies.”

Reed then tried to shift the discussion to Hillary Clinton, which seems to be a relied-upon tactic when the reality of Trump gets too close for comfort.

Watch Maher’s full interview with Reed below:

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