Bill Maher to whining, privileged White America: ‘You’re white! Cheer the f*ck up!’

Host of HBO’s Real Time,  Bill Maher, is not one for mincing words when it comes to potentially controversial topics. On Friday night, Maher’s famed “New Rules” segment featured quite a few truth bombs for white Americans who are constantly worried about “taking their country back.”

Maher began with the reality of economic disparities between white Americans and Black Americans:

“Someone must remind white Americans that even though other people are winning small victories and making slight gains, you’re not losing. You’re still way, way ahead. But since the recession, that’s gone up. Now they have six times as much. So, if anyone should be bitching about wanting their country back, it ain’t you.”

He continued on:

“Cops don’t shoot you for having your hands in your pockets. When people follow you around a store, it’s usually because they want to help you find something. Major party presidential candidates aren’t proposing to deport you. You can walk through an entire wedding reception without anyone trying to order a drink from you. And how about this perk: If you’re white, you’re much more likely to not be in prison.”

This led Maher to remind everyone how much harder it is for a black person with even a minor criminal offense to get a job, vs. that of a white person:

“Prison time served by blacks: deal breaker. Prison time served by whites: interesting water cooler conversation!”

He’s right of course. I fear for my life if I encounter a cop for any reason — and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know for a fact that this isn’t paranoid. It’s the reality of being black in America. One wrong move in the presence of a trigger-happy, racist cop just might cost me my life.

Whites do have some challenges: the recent uptick in heroin use among white Americans. That, of course, means more overdoses. The same goes for deaths by suicide. Maher has some advice for those people, though:

“Cheer the fuck up! You’re white!”

Watch the segment below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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