Bill Maher: ‘Trump is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than to America’

Comedian and Real Time host Bill Maher offered a mouthful of fairly confusing words on Donald Trump Thursday evening, simultaneously calling Trump illegitimate but our president nonetheless.

“I don’t think he’s legitimate,” Maher said according to The Daily Beast. “But I don’t think it does any good to harp on that because he is the president and you only get one at a time.”

Trump’s claims that he would be a president to “all Americans” were widely criticized by those who were quick to point out how many of his constituents he marginalized throughout his campaign on the basis of their identities, from women and Mexican immigrants, to Muslims and, with his selection of the overtly homophobic Mike Pence as his vice president, the LGBTQ community. It didn’t help that he lost the popular vote by roughly the same margin Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama back in 2012, with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton winning roughly 2.8 million more votes from him.

That the majority of Americans voted for Trump’s opponent and so many groups do not see him as a leader who hears and represents them has certainly hurt Trump’s claims to full, legitimate presidential authority, but by the laws that govern our nation for better or for worse, as Maher points out, he is our president and protests and disapproval won’t change this. Protests and speaking out against Trump will, perhaps, educate, inform, and raise very important points, but they won’t strip him of the office, and it seems Maher thinks it’s time for us to accept that he won and is, in fact, technically our president.

Still, despite technically being president, Maher had some words about whom Trump may or may not submit to: Vladimir Putin.

“I don’t want to say he’s a Russian agent, but he certainly is more loyal to Vladimir Putin than he is to the loyal opposition of America,” Maher said. “I don’t want to say for sure that there’s some tape that Vladimir Putin has of him doing something in a hotel room with a hooker, but he sure acts exactly like a man would if you had a blackmail tape on him.”

But, alas, in Maher’s words, Trump won.

“He ran a vicious, vulgar campaign and I gave it back exactly in measure — I was also vicious and vulgar — but he won,” Maher said.

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