Bill Maher: Trump takes so much time off, a ‘vacation’ would mean being in a coma

After a month-long break, Bill Maher returned to his show Real Time and poked fun at President Trump’s upcoming 17-day vacation. “I know why you’re happy,” Maher told the audience during his opening monologue. “We’re back from vacation and Trump is on his.”

This Friday, Trump embarked in a 17-day vacation to his private golf resort in New Jersey and Maher thinks it’s laughable that a president who’s accomplished so little takes so much time off.

“Just the concept of a ‘Trump vacation — I mean, he spends all his time golfing, eating cake, watching TV, tweeting stupid sh*t. What’s a vacation for him? Lapsing into a coma?”

“He had a very bad phone week,” Maher continued. “First of all, he claimed there were two calls that happened that plainly never happened — one with the head of the Boy Scouts. Oh, did you see that Boy Scout thing? That speech? That speech was the creepiest thing I have ever seen a Republican politician do to the Boy Scouts, and Dennis Hastert used to f*ck them.”

“Trump claimed after that speech — which the Boy Scouts had to apologize for — he said the head of the Boy Scouts called him and said it was the greatest speech he’d ever heard, and then they got ahold of the head of the Boy Scouts and he said, ‘No. Never happened. Don’t have his number. Wouldn’t say that if I did.’ And then Trump said the President of Mexico called him to praise his immigration policies, they got ahold of the President of Mexico: ‘No. Not at all. We keep records. Ridiculous.'”

Watch the video below via Real Time with Bill Maher:

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