Bill Maher: Trump voters want ‘the wolf with bits of grandma in its teeth’

During his “New Rules” monologue this July 29, Real Time host Bill Maher suggested that Hillary Clinton needs to turn up the dial when it comes to playing mean this election.

“Since half the country will believe an evil cartoon version of Hillary Clinton no matter what she says or does, she has to embrace it,” Maher started out.

“‘Sweet grandma Hillary’ – she would’ve done fine in 2008,” Maher continued. “But this year, the voters are not in the mood for ‘steady as she goes.’ They’re pitchfork-angry and they don’t want America’s nicest grandma. They want the wolf with bits of grandma in its teeth.”

“They want a ruthless mafia boss who will protect their frightened souls, which is why Hillary has to own all the nasty things the haters say and run as the notorious HRC.”

Maher voiced his confusion over why Trump’s followers give him a pass despite his continuous lying and even bragging about gaming the system to his advantage.

“So if America thinks it can only be safe right now with a vindictive, power-hungry sociopath, that could be good for Hillary because that’s what Republicans keep saying she is.”

“For a quarter of a century, Republicans have been creating this incredible super villain named Hillary Clinton, who is a serial killer, and a traitor, a terrorist mastermind, a sex-addicted lesbian – and, we found out last week from Dr. Ben Carson — oh yes, he said it — a devil worshipper,” Maher said.

Maher then went on to point out Hillary’s bad-ass bonafides as compared to Trump’s.

“When Donald Trump gets mad at somebody, he sends out a mean girl tweet in the middle of the night. That’s cute. Here’s me killing Bin Laden,” Maher said as a graphic of Hillary in the Situation Room during the Bin Laden operation flashed on the screen.”

“And to those who accuse Hillary of not being able to work with Republicans, she would say, ‘Republican prosecutor Ken Starr exonerated me. Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy of the Benghazi Committee exonerated me. Republican FBI Director James Comey exonerated me… you’re right – I don’t work with Republicans, I beat their ass at their own game.’”

Watch the video via Real Time with Bill Maher below:

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