Bill Maher: Trump’s business skills are such a scam, Elizabeth Warren should call him ‘Brokeahontas’

During his opening monologue on Real Time this Friday night, host Bill Maher tore into the myth of Donald Trump‘s business acumen, and in the meantime gave presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren a suggestion for a nickname to fire back at her 2020 opponent.

Starting out, Maher said that it’s “hard to be in a good mood these days with the news,” but pointed out that the recent news surrounding the UK’s new Royal baby actually made him not want to go “doctor shopping for opiates” — adding that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had the “first Royal baby that has American blood, if you don’t count Trump.”

Regarding Trump, Maher said “the president has decided that laws don’t apply to him” and mentioned how Trump is asserting executive privilege over the Mueller report and forbidding his officials from testifying. “It turns out, we’re not the resistance, he’s the resistance,” the host quipped.

“It’s like if in Law and Order, it began with, ‘In our system the people are represented by two separate groups: the Congress who writes the laws, and the Executive who says, go f*ck yourself.'”

“Trump, of course you know this, has not read the Constitution. He once skimmed it for his name,” Maher said, adding that Trump’s new favorite phrase is “executive privilege,” because it’s “even better than white privilege.”

Maher then referenced a recent New York Times report revealing that between 1985 and 1994, Trump’s business ventures lost over $1 billion. Lamenting how the Democrats “can’t make any political hay out of any of this,” Maher said that “in those 10 years, Trump lost more money than anybody else in America and paid no taxes.”

“Really Democrats? You can’t do anything about that?” Maher said incredulously. “Elizabeth Warren, start calling him ‘Brokeahontas.'”

“He sold himself to this country as a business genius. Turns out, he’s a reverse billionaire. His economic value was minus-$1.17 billion. And today, Melania was like, ‘Tell me again why I’m f*cking this guy?'”

Watch the segment below, via Real Time with Bill Maher:

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