Bill Nye destroys anti-abortion arguments by using simple science

Bill Nye, known for employing scientific reasoning to argue against climate change deniers, is taking up a new cause; using that same reason to fight for women’s reproductive rights.

Abortion and women’s reproductive rights are in the national spotlight once again since the House GOP passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in the aftermath of a series of undercover videos. With many of House proponents of the bill being caucasian males, Nye believes the wrong people are making decisions for women and a look at the facts is needed.

“You cannot help but notice—and I’m not the first guy to notice—you have a lot of men of European descent passing these extraordinary laws based on ignorance,” Nye said.

In the video, Nye is clearly frustrated with the lack of scientific knowledge in the “pro-life” movement and their frequent use of a book written “5,000 years ago” to explain the natural world. Nye goes on to debunk the absurd assumptions abortion critics emphasize and shames them for their lack of knowledge. He believes the popular understandings of conception are deeply flawed, and don’t line up with scientific facts.

“It’s just a reflection of a deep scientific lack of understanding and you literally apparently don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Featured image via YouTube

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