Bill Nye reading mean tweets is the funniest damned thing ever

The mean tweets Bill Nye gets aren’t quite like the ones you see celebrities reading on Jimmy Kimmel. When people attack “The Science Guy” on Twitter, they’re usually taking issue (in some rather colorful ways) with the fact that he advocates for scientific truths like global warming and evolution.

In a campaign to acquire donations for an upcoming documentary with him as the subject, Nye followed in the celebrity tradition and read a few hilariously insulting tweets from a few of his lesser know online detractors.

deadstate Bill Nye reads means tweets

As usual, the ramblings of the anti-science Internet is rife with incoherence and bad grammar.

To donate to the film project Objective: Change the World, you can visit its crowdfunding page here.


[The Daily Dot] Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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