The Trump Years

Bill Trump signed into law as president could send him to prison for 5 years over mishandling of classified info

A national security bill that Trump signed into law — with Hillary Clinton in mind — could come back to haunt him.


A bill that then-President Donald Trump signed into law in 2018 could end up coming back to bite him in the wake of the FBI’s raid on his Palm Beach resort, Business Insider reports.

The raid came after an informant reportedly told the FBI about the alleged classified material, which Trump allegedly took from the White House when his presidency ended. Speaking to Insider, national-security attorney Bradley P. Moss said the law could send Trump to prison for five years if he’s ultimately convicted under the national security bill he signed into law.

Trump signed the bill into law after spending the entire 2016 presidential campaign saying Hillary Clinton should be “locked up” for allegedly mishandling classified information.

“Trump certainly has legal exposure to Section 1924 given it was classified documents from his spaces in the White House that were removed to Mar-Lago,” Moss said.

As Insider points out, the National Archives and Records Administration in February said that classified material was found inside boxes that had been taken from the White House to Mar-a-Lago when he left office.

Moss goes on to clarify that there are some doubts as to whether or not the law could be used to prosecute Trump because it’s unclear if it applies to former presidents.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and says he has fully cooperated with requests from the National Archives. He also claims the raid was politically motivated.

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