Billy Baldwin to Donald Trump Jr: ‘Your dad came uninvited to my party and hit on my wife’

Billy Baldwin, brother of actor Alec Baldwin, took a direct shot at Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter this Tuesday and demonstrated why anyone with the Trump name shouldn’t be lecturing the masses when it comes to sexual misconduct.

In a tweet from that same day, Trump Jr. shared a HuffPo story revealing that two more women have come forward to accuse Sen. Al Franken of sexual harassment, now bringing the total number of his accusers to four. But considering that Junior’s dad has a total of 16 women accusing him of sexual misconduct or assault, the hypocrisy was too much for Baldwin to pass up.

Responding to Trump Jr., Baldwin pointed out that the elder Trump “has a 5th degree black belt” when it comes to accusations of sexual impropriety.

“Your Dad is a 5th degree black belt when it comes to sexual impropriety allegations,” Baldwin tweeted. “In fact… I once had a party at the Plaza Hotel… your father showed up uninvited & hit on my wife… invited her on his helicopter to Atlantic City. She showed his fat ass the door.”

Baldwin’s account was reinforced by a man who was at the party that night over two decades ago. Speaking to the New York Daily News, the man said that Baldwin was hosting an “intimate get-together in a Plaza hotel room for his soon-to-be wife Chynna Phillips’ birthday when Trump suddenly knocked on the door.”

“Trump came barging in and started saying, ‘Let’s get in my helicopter, let’s blow this party and get out of here,'” the man told the Daily News, adding that the five people in the room “grew noticeably uncomfortable when Trump entered.”

Trump then reportedly zeroed in on Phillips and “looked her up and down.”

“He tried to coerce her into getting in his helicopter. [Phillips] laughed uncomfortably at the prospect and said thanks but no thanks.”

“When Trump realized it wasn’t a raging Hollywood party with strippers hanging from the roof, he left with his tail between his legs. He was in the room for maybe 10 minutes.”

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