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Protesters in Minnesota confront man for telling them to stop throwing projectiles: ‘Get the f–k out!’


Correction: The original narrative applied to this video now seems to be incorrect. According to Washington Examiner reporter Nic Rowan, the white man in the video was telling people to stop throwing projectiles at police. He was then confronted by a group of protesters who disagreed with his stance, telling him to leave the area.

Another video shared by Rowan shows the white man in the original video seemingly chastising another protester for throwing a water bottle at police. 

The headline of this article has been updated to reflect this information, but we’ve left the original text of the article (see below) untouched for the sake of transparency.

Violent protest have broken out at the Brooklyn Center police station in the wake of the police killing of 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in the Minneapolis suburb, according to reports. More than 3,000 Minnesota National Guard members have now been deployed to the area.

A video has emerged on social media showing protesters confronting a man who apparently was part of the violence, telling him to leave the area for instigating violence that could be blamed on them.

“If we f***ed you up, we’d be wrong, right?” a protester tells the alleged rioter.

“Right,” the rioter replies.

“Alright, then shut the f*** up and protest, b****,” says someone off camera.

“You’re a guest in a Black space, remember that,” a woman tells the man. “You’re white — you already don’t belong. If you can’t be a guest in a Black space, then get the f*** out!”

“I’m not trying to…” the man says before being interrupted.

“No, but you are, so shut the f*** up!” the woman says.

The man eventually leaves.

Watch the video below:

Black people tell a white rioter that "he doesn’t belong" and "to get the fuck out" after he hurled a projectile at cops in Minnesota from PublicFreakout

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