Caught On Tape

Black woman confronts non-black woman for spray-painting ‘BLM’ on storefront: ‘They’ll blame that on us!’

As peaceful protests mixed with rioting continues to spread across cities throughout the country this weekend, more and more people are noticing that many of those committing acts of violence are white or non-black individuals hiding their identities.

Numerous videos are surfacing online showing black people confronting, or at least pointing out people participating in this phenomenon, saying that protests of George Floyd’s killing are being hijacked by people who won’t face the same consequences for committing violence that black people will.

One viral video shows a confrontation between a black woman and two masked non-black women at the Farmer’s Market near The Grove in Los Angeles, California. The video starts out showing a woman dressed in black wearing a pink backpack spray-painting the letters “BLM” on a Starbucks storefront.

“This is not a black woman who’s putting Black Lives Matter,” the woman filming the video says.

The vandal’s accomplice, who was also dressed in black and wearing a mask, chastised those confronting the pair, saying, “Don’t police people’s way of expressing themselves.”

“Ya’ll doing that for us and we didn’t ask you to do that,” the woman filming the video shoots back. “Listen — don’t spray stuff out here when they’re gonna blame black people for this and black people didn’t do it.”

“They gonna blame that on us!” the woman yells and the pair walks away. “Ya’ll are part of the problem!”


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