Bombshell report: Former prostitute says GOP ‘family values’ proponent David Vitter knocked her up and asked her to abort

If the allegations are true, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate David Vitter is the ultimate hypocrite.

Meet Wendy Ellis. She is a an admitted former prostitute, and she also claims to have enjoyed a long-term romance with David Vitter. She also says he got her pregnant, and instead of following the “pro-life” values he so tirelessly promotes, Vitter allegedly asked Ellis to have an abortion. Ellis refused, instead electing to turn the child over to be adopted after its birth.

Ellis revealed this alleged 1990s affair while speaking on camera with American Zombie’s Jason Berry. She kept the secret for this long, but, unfortunately, has terminal Lupus, and doesn’t want to take her secret to the grave without exposing Vitter’s hypocrisy. Ellis rightly says:

“But you can sit there, walk across the grassy knoll holding your wife and your children’s hand screaming family values. But you want me to go abort my baby.”

Exactly that. Nobody cares who sleeps with whom, or what people do in their personal lives. At least we liberals don’t. We’re very live and let live people. No, what we care about is the disgusting hypocrisy always displayed bey these “family values” republicans, who are always so busy trying to legislate morality and run the lives of others, while doing exactly what they condemn so loudly behind closed doors.

Bravo, Ms. Ellis, for being brave enough to stand up to this man, and to tell the truth. May the rest of your days be peaceful and comfortable. Thank you for exposing another GOP hypocrite.

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