#BlackLivesMatter protesters shot by ‘white men in ski masks’ during demonstration

A peaceful Black Lives Matter protest for Jamal Clark was hit by violence in Minneapolis Monday night, when white supremacists fired into the crowd, injuring at least five protesters. All five have non-life threatening injuries.

According to witnesses, the shooters were “white supremacists” who were lurking around the protest for several hours. After protesters asked them to leave, the gunmen returned and opened fire into the crowd. Reports claim that at least six shots were fired.

The protests were held outside of Minneapolis’s fourth precinct, where Black Lives Matters activists have gathered for nine days after Jamal Clark’s death. The protest has been trending on Twitter with the hashtag #4thPrecinctShutdown. According to witnesses, three masked white men who “weren’t supposed to be there” gathered with the crowd, and although they eventually left, they quickly returned and opened fire.


Although details are still rolling in, early reports from Twitter claim that three of the victims walked to a nearby hospital, while two victims were treated by emergency services. Witnesses claimed that it took fifteen minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the scene.

Another witness reported that one protester was shot in the stomach, and another was shot in the leg. While the protester who was shot in the leg is expected to be released tonight, the other is in surgery for the stomach wound and their status will not be known until the morning, although the victim is expected to survive. The status of the other victims is not known, although all are expected to survive.

According to both police and witnesses, the three shooters wore ski masks and bullet-proof vests. White supremacists have appeared at every one of the protests for the last nine nights. Other reports from reliable twitter accounts have claimed that police maced protesters after the shooting.


This story is still developing, and will be updated when new information becomes available.

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