British right-winger taunts anti-austerity protesters, gets egged square in the forehead

Right-wingers aren’t only catching flack here in the U.S., they’re also getting heat from our friends across the pond.

Right-wingers aren’t only catching flack here in the U.S., they’re also getting heat from our friends across the pond.

This weekend, some British protesters were speaking out against cutbacks to government programs, when a conservative supporter of the cutbacks came into their midst waving around a picture of right-wing hero Margaret Thatcher.

Reacting to the taunts from the young Tory, an anti-austerity protester lobbed an egg that landed square on the kid’s forehead.

According to the Independent, attendees of the conservative Tory conference had been asked to be discreet about their political stance, so as not to rile the crowds up. Apparently, this man is a sucker for either punishment, attention, or both, and chose to wear a lanyard identifying himself as a conservative and an attendee at the conference. The photo of Margaret Thatcher that he taunted the crowd with was was on the cover of The Daily Telegraph, and obviously the final straw for the liberal protesters.

Not that I’m advocating for physical assault, but it sure would be fun to see this happen more often on this side of the pond.

Watch the video below:

Featured image via screen capture from Independent UK



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