People who believe in evolution translate questions posed by biblical creationists

In the wake of Bill Nye the Science Guy’s 2014 debate with young earth creationist Ken HamBuzzFeed ran a piece entitled “22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution.”

The premise of the piece was simple: ask 22 people who believe in creationism to pose whatever question they wanted to evolutionists, write it down and hold their questions up on a piece of paper for the camera.

BuzzFeed was admirably quiet on the ideological fodder of the piece, leaving it open to the interpretations of viewers and commenters. But the folks over at The Science of Sarcasm took an opportunity too good to pass up, translating the questions into language they thought might reveal a little bit of what could be behind the creationist’s train of thought.

Check them out (Original photos by Matt Stopera at BuzzFeed):

Sky Palma

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