C-SPAN video allegedly shows the Clinton campaign engaging in voter fraud in Iowa

As the Iowa caucus was about to wrap up and Ted Cruz was declared the Republican victor, questions surrounding the Democratic race could point to voting fraud by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the waning hours of the election.

A new video began circulating from C-SPAN.org showing Clinton caucus chair Drew Gentsch and precinct captain Liz Buck allegedly not conducting an actual count of Clinton supporters, seeming to deliberately mislead the caucus at precinct #43 in Des Moines, IA.

According to the Examiner, the final delegate count finished with Clinton receiving five delegates and Sanders pulling in four. Multiple rounds of voting took place, as the head count changed from round to round, which raised questions from those in attendance.

“It was assumed by the chair, Drew Gentsch, that the voter difference was due to a few people that left the building before the second round began.

The question is whether there were really 456 total people present for the second round of voting. That was not clear, as Clinton’s team did not perform a recount of all of the Hillary supporters during the second round of voting.”



The video also shows that Buck possibly lied about whether she recounted all of Clinton’s supporters during the second count. In further detail, the Sanders supporters were unsuccessful at getting a recount, even as several of them protested vigorously.


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