Arizona mayor forcibly removes Jewish rabbi who objected to Christian-based invocation

An Arizona city council has drawn the line when it comes to their Christian-based invocations, even going so far as to eject a Jewish protester who didn’t want to pray to Jesus Christ.

Rabbi Adele Plotkin, of the Beit Torah congregation, was outraged when Mayor Chris Marley began an invocation with, “I pray all these things in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” during Tuesday’s Chino Valley city council meeting.

When Plotkin began voicing her displeasure with their choice of prayer, two Chino Valley Police Officers escorted her out.

According to The Daily Courier, Marley, who is also local minister, announced in January that the city council will not preform invocations during future meetings until the members can figure out a way to conduct the services due to recent criticism against the practice in government centers.

Plokin, who had no intention of causing trouble that night, contacted a local reporter to confirm that there wasn’t an invocation planned for Tuesday’s meeting

“He lied,” Plotkin said of the mayor’s reversal during an interview with the Courier. Plotkin insisted that she had no choice but to protest because in not doing, she would have committed one of the three cardinal sins, according to her beliefs.

Reports also claim that Marley intentionally preformed the invocation after hearing some of the city council members egged him on to do so.

“Unfortunately, the content of the invocations offered here in Chino Valley has become the subject of some contention, so we — your town council — will deal with it,” Marley said in an opening statement.

“Our Bill of Rights protects us against the establishment of religion by the state, and yet it would appear that secular humanism with its mantra of political correctness has become just that, the state established religion which the First Amendment was supposed to protect us against,” Marley said.

The council discussed at length eight different options on how to conduct invocations in the future. However, they ultimately reverted back to their current tradition of rotating invocation duties between council members.

“If they don’t like it, they can vote us out,” said Marley.

Watch the events unfold in the video below:

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