Caller to Seb Gorka: You’ve been named journalist of the year at ‘Dipsh** Magazine’

A prankster took advantage of Sebastian Gorka‘s love of flattery this Wednesday, buttering him up with compliments on his voice only to reveal his true intentions later in the call and souring the notoriously snowflakey former Trump advisor’s mood.

The caller, identifying himself as “Jason,” started out by telling Gorka that “radio is meant for you.”

When the appreciative Gorka asked Jason to explain the reason for his call, Jason said he had some good news that the radio host may not have heard yet.

“Well, my favorite magazine just did a feature on you saying you were the top journalist of this year, I wasn’t sure if you were aware of that yet,” Jason said.

“What is this you are talking of?” Gorka asked with a puzzled look.

“It’s called Dipsh*t Magazine,” the caller responded.

Gorka, clearly irritated, replied, “Oh, you’re one of those.”

“This is the definition of a coward,” he said. “I love it how they lie…”

When Jason hung up, Gorka wasn’t done.

“Oh, he’s dropped off. What does that mean? What does that mean, Jason, that you dropped off? Does it mean that you’re a little girl? I think it does mean that you’re a little girl. You’re a sad little coward. But you know what? It’s a great metric — when they actually spend their time listening to this show — what does it mean? It means we’re winning.”

No, it just means you’re easily triggered.

Watch the clip uploaded to Twitter by Media Matters’ Brendan Karat:

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