Canadian prime minister wants legal pot and less religion

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to start his leadership with a bang and follow through with several progressive plans and ideas. In a letter to his Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Trudeau outlines plans to “bring about real change” in Canada.

Trudeau’s plans will include legalizing and regulating marijuana, reducing the number of hand guns and assault rifles, and securing rights for all citizens, especially focusing on LGBTQ rights. Trudeau’s letter lists several other priorities, such as fighting for the right to physician-assisted death, addressing many rights issues facing Indigenous Canadians, and ensuring that Canadians will be able to keep their digital information private from the government.

One of the biggest differences in Trudeau’s leadership is his lack of focus on religion. Although Trudeau is a Roman Catholic, 16 members of his newly appointed cabinet chose to take a modified version of the Canadian oath, which replaces religious references and does not end with the phrase “So help me God.” The more secularly minded cabinet will fight for personal rights and freedoms in line with Trudeau’s liberal vision.

In his letter, Trudeau reiterated his dedication to fighting for values and principles that Canada hold dear: “inclusion, honesty, hard work, fiscal prudence, and generosity of spirit.  We will be a government that governs for all Canadians, and I expect you, in your work, to bring Canadians together.”

Trudeau, who assumed the Prime Minister office on November 4, has already created controversy in some parts of Canadian society. His liberal views are particularly popular in urban centers, but Canada’s vast number of rural communities are much less accepting. Conservatives across Canada already distrust the new PM, and are especially concerned with his gun control plans, which many fear will hurt Canada’s rich hunting culture.

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Justin Trudeau (Twitter)

Trudeau’s plan to legalize marijuana generated the most positive buzz for his campaign, but many are skeptical about his plan to legalize and regulate. Although many are still opposed to marijuana overall, some protestors have another angle. The Hell’s Angels are among the most vocal opponents to Trudeau’s legalization plan, as the regulation of marijuana will take away millions of “jobs” by stopping the illegal growing, shipping, and distribution of the drug.

Trudeau’s plans, if carried out, will bring significant change to Canada, which will make it an even more progressive nation. Although Trudeau certainly has his opponents — both in the general population and within the government — many support his vision for a freer and more equal Canada.

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