Come Again?

Candace Owens: Big Bird from Sesame Street is a ‘big pharma pervert’

Some conservatives who oppose covid vaccine mandates are up in arms over a tweet from a fictional character who announced on Twitter that he had been vaccinated against the virus.

“My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy,” the beloved muppet Big Bird wrote in a tweet.

This past weekend, CNN ran a TV special on covid vaccines aimed at children and parents, featuring characters from Big Bird’s alma mater, Sesame Street. But conservative commentator Candice Owens saw something more sinister.

According to Owens, conservatives aren’t melting down over Big Bird, they’re melting down over the “big pharma pervert dressed up as Big Bird.”

“… to coax children away from the decisions of their parents. This is the kind of stuff parents warn their children about on playgrounds,” she continued, comparing Big Bird to a bad-intentioned stranger who offers candy to children.

“But this despicable segment masquerading as a children’s program actually represents — is big pharma using the candy tactic.”

Watch the video below:

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