Come Again?

Candace Owens: Conservatives are being treated ‘the same way Jews were treated in Nazi Germany’

During her podcast this Wednesday, conservative commentator (and newly-minted vaccine skeptic) Candace Owens ranted about how modern day conservatives, according to her, are being treated just like Jews in Nazi Germany.

“During the Holocaust the Nazis referred to the Jewish people as ‘rats’ as another form of dehumanization,” Owens said.

“I bring this up because right now, in this country, in America, conservatives are being dehumanized. I’m gonna say that again. Conservatives, right now, in the United States of America, are being dehumanized. That is not up for debate,” she continued.

“We’ve increasingly seen more radical calls for conservatives to be completely censored and removed from the internet,” she said, adding that Donald Trump and other conservatives who’ve been suspended from social media platforms are seen as “dangerous, so we have to be made to go away, we’re not allowed to be on the internet.”

“The idea is to make millions of people believe that conservatives are vermin,” she said. “And of course vermin has to be dealt with, right? That is why the Biden regime is stepping to the plate to deal with us. Biden’s government, like all evil regimes before it, is doing the population a favor. They’re conquering misinformation, guys. They’re dealing with the vermin. They’re gonna control the flow of information. In other words, they’re going to brainwash the masses.”

Listen to the audio below:

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