Candace Owens: Trump is not a leader and I’m questioning his character for the ‘first time’

Speaking in her Daily Wire show after the midterms, Candace Owens revealed that she’s gone sour on Donald Trump, lamenting the way he treated her after a news story was published, causing her to question for the “first time” (really?) his character as a person. 

According to Owens, Trump “actually got upset” with her following a December 2021 interview with him in which he defended the covid vaccine. After the interview, Owens said that people often forget “how old Trump is” and that he comes from a generation who “came from a time before TV, before the internet, before being able to conduct independent research.”

The Daily Beast covered the interview in an article titled, Candace Owens: Trump Is Pro-Vax Because He’s ‘Too Old’ to Understand the Internet

On her show this Saturday, Owens said she’s telling her “personal story” because “it’s something that made me for the first time question him as a person,” and that Trump twisted a “completely kind and fair interview.”

“That is not being a leader, that is not owning things that you did wrong, that is not owning that you misunderstood something about your base,” she said. “That’s not growing, that’s not developing.”

She went on to say that the moment made her wonder if Trump was becoming “too angry,” adding that in previous elections, Trump was “having fun,” and “the energy, it was electric.” But after the 2020 election, he is in “an angry space.”

Watch the full segment below: 

Sky Palma

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