January 6

Capitol rioter who attacked cops while wearing American flag T-shirt gets slapped with longest prison sentence for a Capitol rioter yet

Robert Palmer attack police at the Capitol while wearing an American flag T-shirt.

A Florida man who attacked police during the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has been given the longest prison sentenced handed down to any Capitol rioter yet, HuffPost reports.

Robert Scott Palmer was arrested by the FBI just 12 days after HuffPost did a story on him in March. On the day of the riot, Palmer gave his name and hometown to a livestreamer who was at the Capitol. He later turned himself in to law enforcement.

Palmer can be seen in videos attacking police while wearing an American flag T-shirt with former President Donald Trump’s name emblazoned across the front.

This Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan sentenced Palmer to 63 months in prison.

In a previous letter to the judge, Palmer expressed remorse for his role in the riot and said he was lied to by then-President Donald Trump and his allies.

“They kept spitting out the false narrative about a stolen election and how it was ‘our duty’ to stand up to tyranny,” Palmer wrote. “Little did I realize that they were the tyrannical ones desperate to hold on to power at any cost even by creating the chaos they knew would happen with such rhetoric.”

This Friday, Palmer told the court that he was “really, really ashamed of what I did” and that he would “never, ever, ever” go to a political rally again. He also said he was horrified” by video showing him attacking police officers.

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