January 6

Capitol rioter who boasted ‘I manhandled 5 cops and lived to tell about it’ is busted by the FBI

A Florida man who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has been arrested in Alabama by federal authorities, AL.com reports.

Brian Glenn Bingham, 35, has been charged with assault, resisting or impeding officers, obstruction of law enforcement, violent entry and disorderly conduct, among other charges which are all federal crimes.

Bingham was caught on surveillance video inside the Capitol punching and shoving police officer who was trying to push him out. He can be seen on body cam video saying “You won’t hurt ANTIFA, but you’ll murder innocent girls!” and “Where do you want me to move? Push me again!” to police officers.

Authorities used tips from people who served with Bingham in the U.S. Army, as well as images and videos posted to social media to identify him. In one Facebook exchange, Bingham wrote, “I got to manhandle 5 cops and live to tell.”

“LOL,” someone replied. “All of this does not surprise me! Stay safe. Trump2020.”

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