January 6

Capitol rioter who said she’s too ‘blonde and white’ to go to prison: ‘I’m the victim — they’re treating me like a terrorist’

During an appearance on Newsmax with network host Greg Kelly earlier this week, the north Texas realtor complained that she’s being used by the media to “skewer Trump.”

“They’ve taken my image and used my image to skewer Trump, to skewer Trump supporters, and definitely to skewer myself,” said Jenna Ryan, who was recently sentenced to 60 days in prison.

“I’m a big-time victim,” she declared.

“Like, I’ve gone through hell. They’ve gone through my phone. I was treated like a terrorist at the airport with eight TSAs searching me on the tarmac,” she said.

Back in March, Ryan fired off a series of tweets about her case, prompting on person to chime in on her thread, telling her that she’s “goin’ to jail.”

“Definitely not going to jail,” Ryan fired back. “Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail. Sorry to rain on your hater parade. I did nothing wrong.”

During her Newsmax appearance, Ryan went to talk about the “horrible” way she’s been treated as a result of the public nature of her case, adding that she and her legal team are preparing to “take action against some of the cancel culture.”

“Anyone out there who’s spread lies about me will be hearing from my people in the future.”

Watch the video below:

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