January 6

Capitol rioter who wanted to ‘hang’ Nancy Pelosi says she can’t be prosecuted because God gave her ‘dominion over the law’

A Pennsylvania woman who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has filed court documents claiming she is immune from earthly laws thanks to her faith in Jesus Christ, the Daily Beast reports.

Pauline Bauer, who allegedly told a Capitol police officer during the riot to “bring Nancy Pelosi out here now… we want to hang that f***ing b*tch,” is charged with multiple counts of violent entry, disruptive conduct, and obstruction of Congress. According to the Beast’s report, Bauer demanded to act as her own lawyer and seemingly threatened a court clerk with prison time, and declared herself a “self-governed individual” with special legal privileges.

“I am here by special divine appearance, a living soul,” she told a judge on June 11.

“I do not stand under the law,” she said. “Under Genesis 1, God gave man dominion over the law.”

From the Daily Beast:

Reached for comment, Bauer’s court-appointed lawyer confirmed that she had been tapped as Bauer’s “stand-by” counsel, but declined to comment further. Bauer could not be reached for comment. Last month, she served one night in jail for contempt of court. She was set free after she verbally agreed to the court’s pretrial release conditions, which included turning over her guns to a relative. But her unusual legal tactics appear far from over, according to a new tranche of court filings.

Speaking to the Beast, senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, Mark Pitcavage, said that Bauer’s bizarre proclamations are typical of the “sovereign citizens” movement.

“Sovereign citizens will often refer to themselves as ‘flesh and blood’ people. They do this because they have this longstanding belief that the government has created artificial versions of them for various nefarious purposes,” Pitcavage said.

In another court filling, Bauer presented a document that “serves as Proof that my living DNA existed on this Land before there was a UNITED STATES of America or Any STATE Thereof.” The document was a family tree showing what she claims are ancestors born in Virginia and Pennsylvania before 1776. As the Beast points out, even if the document was valid, it would have no bearing on U.S. law.

On Jan. 6, Bauer allegedly told a police officer that the crowd would retaliate if Pelosi and other lawmakers were not handed over. “You bring them out or we’re coming in,” she allegedly said. “Bring them out now. They’re criminals. They need to hang.”

She also left plenty of evidence for law enforcement in her social media postings.

“I am at the capital and was inside. No [sic] of us are armed just pissed that this is what we have to do to take our country back from communism,” she allegedly wrote from a now-deleted Facebook account.

Bauer’s next court appearance is scheduled for later this month, but if she continues to push sovereign citizen claims, she could be at risk of getting her second contempt of court charge.

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