January 6

Capitol stormer turns government witness against Proud Boys — enables more severe charges


At least one of the defendants from the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has flipped against the Proud Boys, agreeing to provide information that could bring more serious charges against the group’s leadership, CNN reports.

“The development is the first indication that people charged in the insurrection are cooperating against the pro-Trump extremist group,” writes CNN’s Katelyn Polantz. “Federal prosecutors have made clear they are focused on building conspiracy cases against leadership of the Proud Boys and paramilitary groups like the Oath Keepers.”

Rumors of defendants who partook on the Capitol riot flipping against their co-rioters have been the subject of rumors for weeks. Prosecutors say a rioter allegedly affiliated with the Oath Keeper militia group may also cooperate.

“Whenever you have a large group of people arrested” and in jail, prosecutors will typically observe the group and pressure defendants to flip on one another, said criminal defense attorney Martin Tankleff. “They’re going to start talking. They’re going to start sharing information.”

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