January 6

Capitol stormer who hunted Pelosi is denied request to stay out of jail

A Florida man who was arrested on charges that he conspired with others to storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was denied bond this Wednesday, Fox35 Orlando reports.

Kenneth Harrelson‘s attorneys last week filed paperwork asking a judge to allow Harrelson to be released from jail, arguing, “The government has produced no evidence that he damaged any property or that he committed any act of violence.” But according to the judge, Harrelson is too dangerous.

Prosecutors say Harrelson was a member of the Oath Keepers militia group and was the leader of ground operations for the group on Jan. 6 tasked with hunting down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Prosecutors also say that the group stored weapons at a Comfort Inn in Virginia on the day of the riot, while they stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn near the Capitol building.

Court documents say that Harrelson also deleted messages and lied at a hearing — details that were enough to keep him locked up without bond.

According to the judge, text message evidence showing Harrelson “hunting” Pelosi, continued after Jan. 6, showing that the Oath Keepers were planning for future events.

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