Car thief knocking himself out with his own brick is the strongest evidence for karma yet

Surveillance video from the east coast of Ireland is a perfect example of why crime doesn’t pay, and for those of you who are a little more existential, a perfect example of karma.

Outside of a pub in Drogheda, a car thief can be seen hurling a brick at a car window — only to have the brick bounce off the window back at the thief’s face, knocking him to the ground.

“You should have heard the [police] laughing when they saw the video,” the owner of the pub Gerry Brady told the Irish Independent. “They were in stitches. Credit to them, they were straight out when we called and found the guy within minutes.”

From the Independent:

Approaching the man, Gerry told that after a few moments of trying to help, things took a bizarre twist when the would-be robber tried to blackmail the pub owner.

“He pulled himself up and said he wanted €50 for a taxi. I said ‘Not a chance, I’ve to pay for a new window mate”, that’s when he leaned in and told me he’d burn me out of the pub.”

“I see you, I know you. I’ll burn you out. I’ll tell the gardas you beat me up. I’ll go to my solicitor,” the man told Gerry.

Watch the video below:

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