Catholic League: Catholics upset about pedophile priests are whining like ‘little boys’

The Catholic League describes itself as “the nation’s largest civil rights organization,” but when it comes to the civil rights of children sexually abused by priests, they’re nothing of the sort.

I don’t know for sure who’s behind the Catholic League’s Twitter account, but it’s a good bet that it’s the organization’s president, Bill Donohue. The man is proof that religion does not make one moral.

Donohue’s most recent statements in response to a horrific grand jury report detailing the rape and sexual abuse of over 1,000 Pennsylvania children at the hands of hundreds of Pennsylvania Catholic priests is nothing new. While addressing the Catholic Church’s systemic rape of children at the hands of pedophile priests in past statements and interviews, Donohue has dismissed the phenomenon as a problem that has “already been checked.” In an interview on CNN in 2013, Donohue argued that the church doesn’t have a pedophile problem because most of the victims are “post-pubescent,” meaning that the true culprit is “homosexuality.”

That’s just a small example of his past reprehensible statements, so it should have been no surprise when he took the role of pedophile rape apologist once again in the wake of the Pennsylvania grand jury report that was released last week. In an op-ed for the website CNS News (an affiliate of the right-wing Media Research Center), where he claimed to ‘debunk’ the report released by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court as an “obscene lie,” Donohue argued that most of the victims “were not raped: they were groped or otherwise abused, but not penetrated, which is what the word ‘rape’ means.”

Then there was this tweet fired off from the CL’s Twitter account on Saturday:

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is Donohue (a hunch that’s backed up with this follow-up tweet). Once again, he demonstrates his insistence on diminishing any accountability for the crimes committed by Catholic priests. Now, church members horrified by the latest news are “irrational” and “hysterical.” CNN’s Jake Tapper took notice of the unfortunate metaphor Donohue chose:

Others were disgusted as well:

If there’s any hope for the largest religious institution in the U.S. to dig itself out of the hole of moral rot that it’s created for itself, it can start by doing two things: subject pedophile rapists and their protectors to criminal prosecution, and excommunicate psychopathic pedophile enablers like Donohue from the church.

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