Catholic priest sexually molested 15-year-old girl who was undergoing chemotherapy

A former Catholic priest in Ohio was arrested after he allegedly sexually molested a 15-year-old girl who was undergoing treatment for cancer, reported.

A local Catholic priest called Westlake Police Department to report “a disturbing incident” involving Luis Jesus Barajas, 76, who was visiting the area and performing spiritual ceremonies in Spanish for Hispanic residents in the area.

Barajas, who has been staying with families in Lorain County, was driven to a home in Westlake on Oct. 10 to bless a 15-year-old girl who is undergoing chemotherapy.

Witnesses told police Barajas touched the girl inappropriately during the blessing, police said.

“Mr. Barajas’ used blankets and clothing to hide some of his actions from witnesses, but his touching made several uncomfortable. Witnesses said Barajas’ movements were ‘unconventional’ compared to past blessings they had seen,” a police report said.

Barajas, from Colombia, had been accused in the past of sexual misconduct with children, police said.

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