Catholic school teacher resigns after harassment from Ebola-fearing parents

At St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky, a teacher has resigned rather than submit to a paid 21-day leave – all because she recently returned from a trip to Kenya which is separated from the Ebola outbreak by at least five countries.

The school’s request was a reaction to “strong parent concerns” about Susan Sherman exposing students to Ebola.

Rather than capitulate to the unnecessary order, Sherman , who teaches religion to 7th and 8th graders, chose to resign.

Her husband, Paul Sherman, sent a letter to the Archdiocese of Louisville, complaining that the “unfounded fears” of some parents and staffers were “triumphing over truth and reason.” He even offered to hold a meeting about their work in Africa and how Ebola is spread, but they “were put off” until the quarantine was supposed to end.

ebola map

The cases of Ebola in Kenya have been exactly zero. Even the archdiocese in a statement regarding Sherman’s trip, acknowledged that the Kenyan village where Sherman was working is “in Eastern Africa, thousands of miles from West Africa, where the main outbreak of the virus is located.”

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