CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Helmet cams capture fiery mid-air plane crash during skydiving stunt

This Monday night, NBC Nightly News aired incredible footage of a skydiving stunt going horribly wrong in the skies above Wisconsin.

The footage shows two planes full of skydivers colliding in mid-air, launching the daredevils out of the cabins as one of the planes plummeted to the ground in flames.

“There was a chance we would be coming on the air tonight reporting the deaths of all 11 souls on board two aircraft that collided in mid-air this weekend,” Brian Williams reported. “But instead all on board survived thanks in large part to the fact that they were all skydivers and knew how to jump and were prepared.”

The scary scene was captured from many angles since there were cameras both inside the plane and on jumpers’ helmets. All nine skydivers parachuted to earth safely, and the pilot of the destroyed plane was able to escape using his emergency chute.


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