VIDEO: Off-duty deputy attempts to arrest woman at restaurant, ends up getting arrested himself

Bystanders recorded video of a bizarre confrontation in a Columbia S.C. restaurant this October 7 involving an off-duty deputy and a female soldier. The video shows the deputy attempting to arrest the woman following what was apparently some sort of confrontation.

But after everything was said and done, it was 49 year-old deputy and former marine Paul Derrick who ended up getting arrested and charged with assault after police reviewed the video taken at the scene. He has since been placed on leave without pay.

According to a Columbia Police report, the incident started when Derrick approached the woman, 23 year-old Fort Jackson soldier Britanny Ball, who appeared to be upset. When Ball rejected Derrick’s advances, the two began arguing.

The report then says that Derrick, who was not in uniform and was drinking alcohol, left the restaurant and returned with handcuffs he retrieved from his vehicle.

Derrick overpowered Ball, handcuffed her, pulled her to her feet, running her head-first into a metal table. Ball was also drinking alcohol according to the report.

A police officer who reviewed video of the incident reports hearing Derrick say, “This is how Marines deal with soldiers,” while slamming the woman into the table.

It is not clear from the video what the motive was for Derrick to restrain Ball.

The bystander who recorded the incident, Steven Hughes, recalled what happened when the police officer who arrived at the scene saw the video:

“He watched maybe the first 30 seconds of it. And when he heard the Marine-Army comment he said, ‘Alright, things just changed. Arrest him, 10-37, and release her.’ And that’s when I said, ‘Sir, I know it’s hard, but that’s the right thing.'”

Watch a report on the story from WIS-TV in the video below. You can see the full unedited footage here.



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