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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: UFOs appear over Toronto, prompting a rash of police reports

This Saturday night, things were flying over the city of Toronto.

This Saturday night, things were flying over the city of Toronto.

“It was really high up, and was round, bright and shining,” Sarah Chun, who recorded videos of the lights with her iPad and posted them to YouTube, told the Toronto Star. “At first I thought it was stars or something, but it was too bright to be. I didn’t know what it was.”

“It kind of flew, and then disappeared,” she added.

In the video, Chun pans back and forth between a single blinking light overhead and four different-colored lights in a slanted formation off in the distance. At about 1:26 of the video, the overhead light seems to make a sudden acceleration and then immediately stops.

No one’s been able to identify the objects, but there’s been no shortage of explanations.

From HuffPo:

One Toronto resident told CTV he saw kids setting up a kite with a light rig attached to it.
“After it got dark, a couple of hours later, I notice a line of lights,” Alejandro, who did not give a last name, told the network via email. “(It) looked like a very potent laser pointing vertical to the sky, but it was the kite these people were preparing.”


Brister, who also saw the lights while on bike patrol, later told CP24 that he was only speculating.
Constable Brian Harper backs the drone theory.
“Remote controlled drones, you can buy them in any model store anywhere in the city,” he told The Globe and Mail. “Put some lights up on them and fly them around the building.”

Watch Chun’s video below:



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