Cenk Uygur: Obama isn’t progressive enough to be appointed to the Supreme Court

According to The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t make good on her musings of appointing Barrack Obama to the Supreme Court because the president is not “a real progressive.”

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According to The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, Hillary Clinton shouldn’t make good on her musings of appointing Barrack Obama to the Supreme Court because the president is not “a real progressive.”

Uygur joined a panel invoking their own version of the Supreme Court on TYT, to discuss the ramifications of a Clinton-appointed Obama to the Supreme Court if she ultimately won the general election.

Clinton was asked by an audience member during a town hall event on Tuesday if should would consider making such a move. Clinton’s eerily emphatic support aside, the idea of the president joining the Supreme Court does not seem as far-fetched.

In the video, Uygur voted against a “ Justice Obama” bringing up the unconstitutional wiretapping by the NSA while under his watch. However, Jimmy Dore, another member of the panel, was in favor of the idea.

“When he doesn’t have to govern, I think he’d be more liberal like most people,” Dore said.

The panel finally agreed that Obama’s “true self” will likely shine through as a Chief Justice and he would act like “executive order writing Obama in getting things done.”

Watch the video from TYT here:

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1 Comment

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    January 31, 2016 at 3:44 am

    01Feb16…..Oh no….!!!!!….Please don’t tell the American people that some kind of a ‘ ruse ‘ is being designed by ‘ ol Hitlery to have this yellow – belly Obunka to continue on within the governing of the American people…..please don’t say that.
    Once upon a time in America there used to be the usage of Common Sense. That seems to have gone out the window starting some 7+ years ago with the installation of the ‘ first ‘ 50 % black pResident by the name of Obama. Since then, the US of A has gone from hero to Zero within the eyes of the WholeWideWorld. Terrorists run rampant killing everything and anything that moves by using American weaponry that they stole of militaries that the US of A trained. The murdering mu – slime group called ISIS that chops the heads of any non mu – slime they can get their hands on ( and even film it to show the world ) came into being because Obama and ILK which includes ‘ ol hitlery Clinton withdrew American troops from Iraq creating a vacuum to be filled by the likes of ISIS ( as foretold by good President George W. Bush – guess there are tens of millions of Americans that would now rather have Mr. Bush at the helm of the nation than this present – day schidt for – brains ) who will continue their evil ways. The ‘ rot ‘ that has run the US of A over the past few years which includes Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Holder, Lerner, Biden, and even Kerry to a degree, ALL this rot needs to be cut out just like a piece of cancerous flesh is cut from the guts of a person. Only then will America begin to become great again…….Go figure…

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