Cenk Uygur slams Anderson Cooper’s ‘f*cking miserable’ softball questions during GOP town hall

The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur slammed Anderson Cooper for asking Republican presidential candidates “outrageously soft” questions during the latest CNN’s GOP Town Hall debate.

In a segment from this week, Uygur described Cooper’s performance as “abysmal” for giving Republicans “softball question after softball question.”

“During Wednesday night’s Republican Presidential Town Hall on CNN, host Anderson Cooper got down to the real issues and grilled some of the GOP’s candidates on the things that really matter to voters — like whether Marco Rubio has ever been to a rave.”

“’What was your favorite cocktail?’ was a question that Republicans got. Wait until you see that same Anderson Cooper on that same CNN rip into Hillary Clinton,” Uygur said as he pointed out the conservative bias of the mainstream media.

“You ask the Republicans one wrong question or you dare to actually give them a fact during the debate, you’re gone,” Uygur said in reference to former CNN anchor Candy Crowley‘s hard-hitting moderation of the 2012 election debates, which ultimately ended her employed with the network.

“Whenever Hillary Clinton, but especially Bernie Sanders, proposes a policy, they’ll say ‘How can you afford that?’ but in a Republican debate,” like in the case of Ted Cruz increasing the Air Force by 50%, “they never ask ‘how can you afford that?’” Uygur said.



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