Charlie Kirk slams Trump’s fundraising emails: ‘Stop sending us this garbage’

On his show this week, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk slammed the fundraising emails being send from Donald Trump’s allies and pro-Trump Republicans, clarifying that he loves Trump, but “the people around him who are sending these emails are doing such a disservice” to the former president.

“I mean, I is a joke, it is a mockery. I talk to grass roots people all the time. They say, ‘Charlie, why do I get all these emails?'” Kirks said, adding that the emails are an “absolute insult to our intelligence.”

“I’ve tried my best to try to get the Trump team to stop sending these stupid emails, and no one listens to me, so I’m gonna have to do it on the show,” Kirk said. “You are going to lose your supporters if you keep on sending out this unfiltered garbage.”

“People are not this dumb, okay?” Kirk declared. “They’re like, ‘Oh we have to raise as much money as we can.’ Then how about you treat your voters with respect.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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