Chinese state media slams Trump’s airstrike: ‘Weakened politician flexing his muscles’

Shortly after China’s President Xi Jinping returned from a trip to the United States, China’s state-run news agency had some words about President Donald Trump‘s recent decision to launch an airstrike on a Syrian airbase.

President Xi was at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where the President has consistently spent his weekends at golfing, when the airstrike was launched at Trump’s orders in response to a horrific chemical weapons attack on civilians allegedly carried out by Syrian government planes.

According to the New York Times, almost immediately after Xi returned to China on Saturday, the country’s state news agency Xinhua called the air strike “the act of a weakened politician who needed to flex his muscles.”

Xinhua also stated that “Trump had ordered the strike to distance himself from Syria’s backers in Moscow, to overcome accusations that he was ‘pro-Russia.’”

The mockery by Xinhua is arguably all the more pointed, since Trump earlier this week stated that the two leaders had gotten along well and were “making tremendous progress.” Now it looks like those sentiments were likely pretty one-sided.

Featured image via YouTube