Chris Christie to Trump voters: ‘It’s over’

Speaking to an audience of Republican donors this Saturday, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that it’s time for his party to move from Donald Trump, CNN reports.

“We can no longer talk about the past and the past elections — no matter where you stand on that issue, no matter where you stand, it is over,” Christie said, seemingly addressing the wave of conspiracy theories embraced by Trump allies about the 2016 election.

“Every minute that we spend talking about 2020 — while we’re wasting time doing that, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are laying ruin to this country,” he continued. “We better focus on that and take our eyes off the rearview mirror and start looking through the windshield again.”

According to the report, Christie told CNN that it’s time for Trump to decide whether he wants to be “a leader for tomorrow or a figure of yesterday.”

Christie conceded that Trump could be a “very positive force for Republican candidates’ in 2022 if he will ‘begin talking about the future and tell the truth about the election and move on,” but added that he has no idea with Trump will take on that role.

Sky Palma

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