Chris Wallace: GOP outrage over Trump investigations after all their Obama and Hillary probes is hypocritical

This Friday, Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker went head-to-head with Democrats during a hearing where questions were raised surrounding suspicions he could interfere with Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation into the Trump campaign, which he oversees.

According to Whitaker, he hasn’t discussed the investigation with President Trump, nor has he slowed down its funding.

Some Republicans, such as Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, slammed Democrats for conducting a hearing that he called “nothing more than a character assassination” and “pure political theater.”

Speaking on Fox News this Friday, anchor Chris Wallace said that while he doesn’t think there’s much ground to accuse Whitaker of obstruction, Republicans who cry foul over investigations into Trump seem to forget the fact that they spent a lot of time conducting investigations while Barack Obama was president.

“I do find it kind of rich that Republicans are so outraged that there would be this kind of a hearing of the other party’s president and administration,” Wallace said on Friday’s edition of Outnumbered. “It’s not like Republicans sat on their hands when Barack Obama was president. They investigated Benghazi, they investigated Fast & Furious, they investigated the IRS, and those were all legitimate issues to investigate. Sometimes they found some things, sometimes they didn’t find things.”

As The Washington Post pointed out this Thursday, over the course of Obama’s two terms in office, “there were at least four issues that prompted significant congressional investigations into Obama’s administration, if not Obama himself.”

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During Friday’s Fox News segment, Wallace said that Democrats’ investigations into Trump are simply just how oversight works.

“But that’s part of oversight and, you know, as Barack Obama famously said, ‘elections have consequences,'” Wallace said. “When Republicans have oversight of a branch of Congress or a house of Congress and they’re investigating a Democratic president, they’re gonna make life difficult for them, and now the Democrats are in control of the House and have the control of these committees.”

“As I say, it is in the nature of the beast when one party controls the House, they’re gonna try to make life difficult, make people sweat within the administration of the other party,” Wallace concluded. “Republicans did it to Democrats, now Democrats are doing it to Republicans.”

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