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Chris Wallace to Mike Pence: Why is Trump encouraging protesters to ignore your own guidelines?

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During a segment on Fox News Sunday this morning, host Chris Wallace grilled Vice President Mike Pence over the mixed messages coming from the White House regarding social distancing rules designed to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to start with those growing protests across the country against the stay-at-home orders,” Wallace said. “Some of the protesters ignoring social distancing. What do you think specifically of their protests, and of how they’re carrying them out?”

According to Pence, Americans have “embraced” social distancing guidelines and along with the efforts of state governors, the curve is finally flattening. As Pence went on praising the alleged successes of the Trump administration, Wallace finally interrupted.

“But Mr. Vice President, in a number of these cases these protesters, who are not social distancing, are saying they don’t want to wait. In many cases they are protesting your own guidelines to stop the spread,” Wallace said before bringing up President Trump’s recent tweets where he called for states with Democratic governors to be ‘liberated’ from lockdown orders.

“What does the president mean?” Wallace pressed. “Because you’ve got guidelines calling for social distancing and staying at home. Even your new guidelines to reopen the country are very phased and gradual. What does the president mean when he says ‘liberate’ these states?”

Pence declared that the American people “know that no one in America wants to reopen this country more than President Donald Trump.”

“And on Thursday, the President directed us to lay out guidelines for when and how states could responsibly do that,” Pence said, seemingly dodging the question. “And in the President’s tweets and public statements I can assure you he’s going to continue to encourage governors to find ways to safely and responsibly let America go back to work.”

Watch the segment in the video below, via RawStory:

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