Christian activist: Biden is recruiting lesbians in the military so the Antichrist can ‘take over the world’


On a recent edition of his show, evangelical activist and former Republican member of the Colorado House of Representatives, Gordon Klingenschmitt, said that the Biden administration’s attempts to make the U.S. military more inclusive for LGBT people is proof that they “don’t want a holy military.”

“They want a demonic military,” Klingenschmitt said, referring to the Biden administration. “And what’s the end goal of that? Ultimately, not only are they welcoming that kind of behavior but they are now punishing Christians.”

“So they are purging the Christians,” he continued. “And that demonic Christian of Antichrist is coming in to take over our military ultimately for one reason — that then the Devil controls the American military, the Antichrist can rise and take over the world.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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