Christian activist: ‘God will curse the children and grandchildren of those who opposed Trump’

In an appearance on the Jim Bakker Show, “conservative activists” Don and Mary Colbert relayed a dire warning for anyone who opposed Donald Trump in the years and months before the 2016 election.

According to Mary Colbert, people who opposed Trump are destined to be cursed by God — and that includes their children and grandchildren.

“It’s not that Donald Trump is all that perfect of a guy,” Colbert said.

“We all know he’s not. And we know that he’s not necessarily perfect in every way that we would like. That’s not how God works. He works through the ones he chooses. We don’t choose them.”

“All we have to do is recognize them and when you recognize a chosen one and you have the discernment to know that they’ve been chosen and know that that’s the will of God, then your life will be blessed.”

“And if you come against the chosen one of God, you are bringing upon you and your children and your children’s children curses like you have never seen. It puts a holy fear in me.”

Watch the video below, via Secular Talk:

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