Christian activist: ‘I want Christians to be the ones writing America’s laws’

During a talk in front of an audience at a church in Oklahoma, Christian worship leader-turned far-right Christian nationalist Sean Feucht proudy declared his identity as a nationalist.

He also encouraged the audience to embrace the label of “nationalist.”

“It’s all part of the King coming back,” Feucht said. “That’s what we’re practicing for. That’s why Hell hates it that we’re worshipping at every capitol across the country. That’s why we get called — ‘You’re a Christian nationalist, you want the Kingdom to be the government’ — Yes! ‘You want God to come and take over the government’ — Yes! … Yes we do! We wouldn’t be a disciple of Jesus if we didn’t believe that.”

“We want God to be in control of everything,” he continued. “‘We want believers to be the ones writing the laws’ — Yes!”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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