Christian activist: Liberals use the media to spread a ‘Jezebel witchcraft veil’ over America

In an appearance on The Jim Bakker Show earlier this month, Christian author and activist Dr. Lance Wallnau warned that there is a “witchcraft veil” being spread over the minds of Americans, thanks to the media.

“How long are you going to be in this mental fog?” Wallnau asked rhetorically. “I think America is in a Jezebel witchcraft, meaning that there’s a witchcraft veil over the minds and perception of the masses, perpetuated by the false prophesies coming thought the media mouthpiece.”

According to Wallnau, the lies coming from the mainstream media are making the “average Christian” complacent.

“I have young sons in my family, I have friend of mine — they go, ‘Dad, don’t worry about me, I get a balanced perspective. I don’t listen to just one source, I listen to MSNBC and CNN,'” he said. “I go, ‘Son, ninety-five percent of the media is owned by the left — you can’t listen to four different outlets and think you’re getting the true story — they’re all biased.'”

Wallnau then turned to Jim Bakker and encouraged him to break though “that veil” of “false prophets” created by the media, adding that he and others of his ilk have paid a heavy price for their support of President Trump.

After railing against the evils of socialism, Wallnau said that the only time the left wants “freedom of choice” is when it comes to abortion.

“It’s amazing how the left wants freedom of choice when it comes to the right of a baby to live, but they want to take away freedom of choice when it comes to the right for you to live a destiny to be a businessman, or an entrepreneur and control your own money,” he said.

“Once that veil is torn, you’re gonna see that the fascination and the romance with this word [socialism] is gonna get torn with it,” he concluded.

Watch the segment below:

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Sky Palma

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