Christian activist: Re-electing Trump is ‘the only way to save Western civilization’

Lance Wallnau, a Christian activist who once tried to sell a $45 Trump coin by calling it a “point of contact” with God, recently said that Christians can save Western civilization with one simple act: re-elect President Donald Trump.

Speaking on The Jim Bakker Show on Monday, Wallnau made the audacious claim by suggesting Trump remaining in the White House was the only way for the West to survive, Right Wing Watch reported.

“All of you are going to have a part in being mobilized, so keep your ears ready. You are going to be mobilized and you are going to be engaged in literally saving Western civilization in terms of this next short cycle of history,” Wallnau said.

Wallnau’s adoration of the current president has been duly noted in the past. Per previous reporting from DeadState, Wallnau once compared Trump to Jesus, arguing that opponents of the president were akin to Jews in the New Testament who wouldn’t believe that Christ was the Messiah.

Wallnau may do well to study some history to gain perspective on some groups of people who actually did save Western civilization from ruin. Greek philosophical and scientific literature, for example, was saved in large part due to Muslim parts of the world, particularly the Abbasid caliphate, which sought to import the texts and have them translated.

These texts and others contributed heavily to many great Western minds, including Leonardo Da Vinci, who depended heavily on prior texts that were preserved by Muslim scholars that came before him.

Indeed, the numbering system that we use today (the Hindu-Arabic numeral system) was imported from the Middle East to Europe, and is still used today by Western mathematicians. Yet a recent poll demonstrated Americans’ ignorance on the subject, according to a recent report from the New York Times.

When asked whether Arabic numbers should be used in schools, 56 percent of Americans said they shouldn’t be — even though they are already by far the predominant numbering system students across the U.S. are using today.

It’s unclear how Trump could top those contributions, let alone how his re-election would somehow save Western civilization from ruin according to Wallnau.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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Chris Walker

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